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How's My Driving?

Anon and screening are on; IP logging is off. Love, hate, crit, requests, permissions, and anything else you want to dump may go here. I'm both thick-skinned and house-broken.


Answers to: [personal profile] drawzel/charlie
Email: rainbowcrashoverride at gmail
Chat: [ profile] drawzel, drawzel on aim
Availability: UTC-4; probably asleep around 2-8am, online time is unpredictable otherwise

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status: muscle zombie, arrived July 18th

18-22 top-level, trey
foggy nelson
johnny cade
connie maheswaran
gourry gabriev

-an undersized thirteen year old socal suburban mallrat from the mid 90s
-he's probably wearing crusty slashed up muddy clothes from dragging himself out of lake dala
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@[community profile] outsiders

posts are in rough game-time chronology, not exact meatspacetime.

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Test Drive meme: Tobias, Eames

CR memes: one + two + three
HMD memes: one + two
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Marco and Rachel juggle some Andalite technology.

Sometime after the mameshiba infestation...

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Player Info
Name: Charlie
OOC Journal: [personal profile] drawzel
Over 18? Certainly.
Email/IM/Plurk: [ profile] drawzel
Current characters: n/a

Character Info
Name: Marco
Canon: Animorphs
Age: 13
Canon/AU/CR AU: Canon AU
Reference: Marco and Canon AU
This will spoil Megamorphs #4. )
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